Recorder Karate: Become a Black Belt in Music

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument. It is also known as the English flute. This is one of the most popular instruments in today’s society and there are a variety of ways to learn how to play it. One of the most exciting and successful ways of learning the English flute is called recorder karate.

The great thing about this method is it works just like actual karate. In karate, the martial artist learns a set of moves and techniques at each belt level and when they perfect them, they move onto a more difficult set of moves. Recorder Karate does the same thing, but instead of teaching the art of the empty hand, it teaches how to impress audiences with the beautiful sounds of the recorder.

All students will start their lessons as a white belt. The first notes and songs they learn will be very simple, just as a white belt in karate learns simple techniques. Some of the first songs that will be learned include Hot Cross Buns, Merrily We Roll Along, and Old McDonald. When the student has thoroughly practiced the songs for their belt level they may test and move on to the next belt.

Each student has the opportunity to move at their own pace, depending of their skill level. The farther that a student advances in their lessons, the more belts they will have to put on their flute. This teaching method is very popular among kids. They will enjoy the chance to show what they have learned to their friends, and have the opportunity to show off their belts and certificates as they advance through the ranks. Recorder karate not only gives you the chance to learn a classic instrument, but also the ability to become a black belt in music.